Urology App Review Corner

Smartphones and tablets are playing an evergrowing role not only in our personal, but also in our professional lives.  Developers are bringing new medical apps into the marketplace on a nearly daily bases.  This section of UrologyMatch.com will help you keep track of Urology-related apps.

The Urology App Review Corner has been compiled and will be managed by Matthew Sterling, MD.  Matt received his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  He recently started his residency in Urology at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Title Platforms Description Overall Rating Price Post datesort icon
TNM Urology

This is a very simple and useful app, especially for residents and urologists. It provides quick access to the TNM staging for various urologic malignancies as well as what stage each combination of T, N, and M yields. It is easy to use and I believe very useful. It is a bit pricey at $4.99 for the app world but for many this price will be worth it.

$4.99 May 12 2014

This is not a very strong application, especially with the mix of apps that are currently available. The medications section is an excellent resource for residents and urologists alike, but the animations and videos section seem random and I do not believe would be useful for the majority of patients, residents, or urologists. Additionally the app was a bit “buggy” making my experience less than ideal. If this app was created when the app store first began I would give it higher ratings, but with numerous apps available with the ability to describe urology with better animations and videos, this gets a ‘C’ in my book.

$2.99 May 12 2014
Urology Times

This is a very solid urology app and provides the Urology Times newspaper, a popular newspaper amongst urologists in an extremely easy to use application that can be found both on the iPhone and iPad. More naturally useful on the iPad, it can also be used on the iPhone to read through an article or two. I think the average urologist would find this app very useful and enjoyable to use and I highly recommend it.

Free Feb 02 2014
iURO Oncology

A solid app that should be used primarily by urologists or urology residents to help patients understand the basics of urologic cancers as well as the procedures involved in treating them through stunning video animations. I can see a urologist using this app in their office to teach their patients about a procedure prior to going to the operating room. The ability to draw on and email pictures of the urinary system is a plus.

$5.99 Dec 26 2012
Urology Flashcards iPhone

A solid app for urology residents to quickly navigate through often-tested facts covering a large number of topics across the entire scope of urologic disease processes. By not separating cards into different categories, I found the content very difficult to navigate through. Looking forward to future updates that may fix the navigation issues.

Free Dec 23 2012
Prostate Health

This is a solid urology app for patients >50 years old that want to learn more about prostate health or those with symptoms or the diagnosis of benign/malignant diseases of the prostate. It provides useful information for patients in all aspects of prostatic diseases and offers suggestions for patients to improve their prostate health. $2.99 is slightly expensive in the app world, but may be worth it for some patients, especially those inept with Wikipedia.

$2.99 Jun 13 2012
ICN Food List

This is one of the better urology apps in the app store and provides both specific food examples and the appropriate level of education to help patients with interstitial cystitis make the proper lifestyle changes to improve their symptoms and make living with the disease more manageable. I would recommend this app for my patients with IC.

$0.99 Apr 01 2012
Urological Cancer Nomograms iPhone

The idea of this app is excellent in offering a multitude of prostate cancer nomograms at the tip of the physician’s finger on his/her iPhone; however, the user interface and fact that all of the information comes from one academic group causes this app to fall just short in my opinion.

Free Mar 23 2012
drawMD: Female Pelvic Surgery iPad

Excellent app that allows physicians to better educate their patients about female pelvic diseases and surgeries via easily manipulated images and urologic elements. With the added feature of allowing wireless printing of images as well as the ability to email images in pdf format, this app in my opinion is a must-have for those that perform many procedures related to female pelvic anatomy.

Free Mar 07 2012
HD System Urinary iPad

This app features a lot of information across most urologic topics, but does so without providing useful images to complement the text and without providing appropriate references. Due to this, one must be skeptical of the information contained within this app and in my opinion should take the time to read a known textbook rather than this application.

$0.99 Feb 05 2012