Adding LoR writers in ERAS after submission

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Can we add letters of recommendation writers after we submit ERAS? I'm worried that I won't be able to add another writer to my application after I submit my application ERAS tomorrow. Any truth to this?

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didn't you just ask this same

didn't you just ask this same question about 1 week ago?????

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yes you can. you dont have to apply with LOR at all, your app just wont be complete

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Just call ERAS.  I'm sure

Just call ERAS.  I'm sure they can answer your question.

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So, I'm trying to get this thing submitted, for the LORs when you press the submit LoR request, what does that mean?  Does it mean that under each program you can now select the LoR you want?  What do you do if you're letters have not been uploaded yet and still going to get a couple more for a rotation this next month, how do you ensure that you can still add the names of the letter writers and all that later?  thanks for the help peeps!