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Fellowships: Peds, Onc.

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UC San Diego Program - Joseph D. Schmidt, MD, Department Chair

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University of California - San Diego
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Joseph D. Schmidt, MD, Department Chair
If you were an applicant, why would you choose to train in your residency program?: 
The UCSD Urology Residency Training program is a closely-knit program with a nearly 1:1 faculty/resident ratio. Faculty and attending supervision is close and responsibilities for patient care, including operative experience, increase appropriately through the 4 years of the training program.
What is your program looking for in a graduating medical student?: 
Not only an individual who has a good fund of knowledge and good use of hands, but someone who can work interdependently with his or her co-residents as well as with the faculty.
What part of an application do you consider most important in ranking applicants?: 
Apart from objective examination scores that are some help in triaging applications, the most significant information is that which is included in the letters of recommendation. They are especially significant when coming from practicing urologists and particularly important if those urologists are in academic health centers and well known to my faculty or me.
What advice do you have for medical students hoping to match in Urology?: 
As I tell each student that I interview, as well as those interested in urology from our own school, do not think or apply geographically. Look for the best or better programs no matter where they're located or where you feel you would be well treated, well trained, and happy.