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I did an away rotation here.  I liked it, but it wasn't for me. It's an absolutely amazing place... top notch facility, biggest of the big name chairmen, tons of research, excitement, volume, responsibility, etc.  The residents here are all absolutely outstanding people.  The attendings are all quirky, but amazing to work with.  Dr. Stoller sees 60 patients in clinic in one afternoon, which means that even the med students have to see their own patients and dictate and everything.  Craziness.  So many patients want to get their care at UCSF that the volume is just ridiculous.  Dr. Carroll is scary to work with, just because of who he is, and if you open your mouth in front of him it better be good.  If you don't have a ton of research under your belt, don't even bother.  The training is really good... I saw 3rd year residents taking down the bladder with the da vinci, and doing the urethral anastamosis as well.  You just don't see that anywhere else.  They are dedicated to making you the best surgeon possibly, but going with that, you will work your ass off for a long time. All of that being said, I wouldn't have been happy as a resident there.  They knew that and I knew that.  It's for those of you who are truly truly dedicated to research, not for those of you who just say you are.  They will know.  Many of the residents took a year off before even applying just to finish up their research projects.Also you have to live in san francisco, on a resident's salary.  Nuff said.Lastly, just to say what you're probably scared to hear: don't get your heart set on this place.  Everyone wants to be here.  Even if you're an MDPhD with 10 projects in urology, there's still a dozen other people with the same resume who also want to be here.I credit the cappy 1 paragraph letter of recc from Dr. Carroll for getting me into the residency that I actually did want.  Do a sub-I here if you can, and don't be shy when it comes time to ask for that letter.

Fellows - Andrology, Trauma/Reconstruction and Oncology