University of Connecticut

Fellowship: Peds. Brenda Deloy Phone: 860.679.7580
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The hospital is not by the main campus, it';s in Hartford. The location was a big issue for me but may not for others. The culture is back east, older/slower pace of living. Also the weather never gets all the great. The program is small, they do most of their experience with the private hospitals downtown. They got a young guy their doing bladder cancer that seems like he is going somewhere in his career (forgot his name?). The program has has a strong number of female residents which was refreshing. The children's hospital and experience is probable there best thing going at least with that lady running the show (forgot her name too?) she was great!

Interview Impressions: UConn5 year program with alternating 2 or 3 residents per year.  Training is well-rounded with pretty good volume.  Chiefs would do robotic prostates skin-to-skin.  Intern year described as "benign," "easy," and "fun."  Facilities were okay and fairly spread out across the city.  Hartford was pretty neat, with a vibrant downtown scene.  Overall, residents seemed happy, friendly, and well-rounded.  They also happen to be very well paid for residents.  I ranked them low just because I didn't see myself in that part of the country, but I know I would have been happy to match there.

Fellow - Pediatrics