Loyola University

Research - 12mo during PGY5. Fellowships: Endo, Female/Recon.
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Notes from my interview:3 residents per year.6 year program with 1 year of research built in.  Research year is semi-protected.Rotate at main Loyola hospital, adjoining VA, and Children's Hospital in Lincoln Park.Call generally home call after PGY2.1 robot at Loyola, 1 soon at VA (?)Neighborhood is mediocre, definately not downtown Chicago, but easy parking and relatively safe area.Overall, residents were content and happy to be there. I ranked them halfway down my list but would have been quite happy to be there.

Fellows - Endourology and Female/Reconstruction

current msiii interested in Loyola. Anyone that goes to school there, rotated there, interviewed, second looks there have any thoughts on the program. Thanks