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need your advice

Hi Guyes i already matched in a residency position through AUA match, my program is 6 ys program and offers 2 years general surgery in the start (through NRMP)unfortunately.. i am IMG and will not be able to catch the NRMP, however i will be able to catch the scramle, as ECFMG did not verify my situation on time.. so i may not be able to get the first 2 ys of surgery in the same program if i got these 2 ys in another accredited program through the NRMP scramble?.. is there a guarantee that i will have my PGY3 position in the urology program i matched?AUA web site says that the match is considered like a contract between the applicant and the program (is that true?),, however i am still anxious and concerned that any change happens, making me take 2 ys G surgery with no aim.... can i do any thing more?all advices will be appreciated

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Congrats man! Am so happy for u!!! I am also an IMG med4 graduating this year(class 2011). I will be doing 2 years of research fellowship and then apply. Do u have any advice of hpow to maximize my chances.

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I am an IMG as well, what the

I am an IMG as well, what the AUA told is a fact. You now have a contract with the program you match with. However you better make sure that you complete those 2 years of Gen Sx where ever you have to do them. The program will wait for you until they are sure you are in your second year ACGME program. Do not worry about them, they will fullfilled your position within seconds in the case you do not complete your two years of gen surgery on time. having said that, -I do not know what kind of problem you have with the ECFMG- but I would recommend you not to wait until the scramble and start NOW moving to secure a preliminary position for the next two years. Is going to be very easy for you, because you only have to email all the ACGME accreditated programs and email the program director stating that you are already a urology matched candidate searching for 2 preliminary years in GS. They will be thrilled to keep you!!! But do not wait until the scramble, start picking up the phone and emailing until you feel secure enough that you have a spot. Good luck! I am sure you will do just fine! The worst is all passed now.... congrats!!!! 

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