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Tulane University Program - Raju Thomas, MD, Department Chair

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Tulane University
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Raju Thomas, MD, Department Chair
If you were an applicant, why would you choose to train in your residency program?: 
* All possible urologic technology under one roof: DaVinci Robot, Fully mature Urologic Laparoscopy program since 1991, two in-house Shock wave Lithotripters, State-of -the -art Urodynamics set-up(Life-Tech), Full range of Urologic Prosthetics, Holmium Laser use since 1997,State-of-the-Art Endo laparoscopy Suites(Storz OR-1)and so on.
* Among first programs to have a Section of Endo-Oncology.
* Variety of patients(Private University Hospital, a VA Hospital, a Public State Hospital and a dedicated Children's hospital).
* Dedicated sub-specialized faculty.
* Endo-Laparoscopic skills lab.
* On site Vivarium,cadaver labs.
* Two full time Ph.Ds to help in Research activities.
What is your program looking for in a graduating medical student?: 
* Good consistent grades during med school.
* Good scores on Step I & II exams.
* Research experience.
* Good meaningful recommendation letters.
* Positive personal interview.
What part of an application do you consider most important in ranking applicants?: 
We give importance to all of the above.
What advice do you have for medical students hoping to match in Urology?: 
Spruce up your C.V. to reflect all five categories listed in Question 1. In summary,it is a great time to be in Urology. It is a competitive match. So are all similar sub specialties. But the technology at our disposal, to impact our patient's lives, are phenomenal. Visit our web site.


The Tulane Urology program is the best kept secret of the Gulf South!!!!!

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