Tips and Tricks for BCG Administration

BCG, an attenuated mycobacterium developed as a vaccine for tuberculosis, has been shown to have significant anti-tumor activity in patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, and is the most effective intravesical agent at reducing recurrence and disease progression for patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer with high risk features (high grade disease, lamina propria involvement, carcinoma in situ)1-5. BCG is stored in refrigeration and reconstituted from a lyophilized powder. The Connaught, Tice, Armand Frappier, Pasteur, Tokyo, and RIVM strains all arise from a common original strain developed at the Pasteur Institute. Despite differing dosages, a recent meta-analysis suggests similar efficacy with all commercially available strains4.

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Marc C. Smaldone, MD, Fox Chase Cancer Center
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Management Non-Muscle Invasive: Intravesical chemotherapy