University of Minnesota

Fellowship: Endo.
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Interview Impressions: UMNFive year program with 3 residents per year.  Gen surg year seemed okay.  2 years at VA, 1.5 at UMN, 4 months non-dedicated research, 4 months Peds, 4 months at county hospital.  Good volume overall.  2 robots.  UMN is "very busy."  Residents said that the VA is a "cornerstone" of their training.  They also have a heavy-duty simulation program... gotta see it to believe it.  Atmosphere was fun and friendly.  Their chairman, Konety, just came from UCSF and is pretty awesome.  He is intent on developing the research program.I ranked them in my top 5 and would have been very happy to go there.  The people that did match there this year are all awesome.

Fellow - Endourology