Wake Forest University

Urology during General Surgery: 2-3mo. Research Time: 12mo during PGY1. Fellowship: Endo. Brooke McChesney Phone: 336.716.9601 E-mail: bmcchesn@wakehealth.edu
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North Carolina


6 year program as of recently.  Dr. Atala, the chairman, recently added a research year BEFORE INTERN YEAR.  Very unique.  I think he wanted people in the lab immediately and didn't want to wait a couple years for lab help.  The residents who just started seemed to be happy about it, but its definitely a dedicated lab year.  The older residents all had good stuff to say.  They were extremely busy.  HUGE volume, very operative, tons of robotics.  We're talkin 5 robotic prostates per day.  The chiefs basically do these entire case.  The residents said that the junior year was particularly tough, but they all valued the experience.  The facilities were beautiful, ancillary staff was amazing, free food/parking, etc.Winston-Salem is a cheap, family friendly town, fairly close to a decent airport.  Many of the residents had kids.  The town feels pretty isolated.Some people say WF is a one-trick pony with Atala, but I think the operative experience there is world-class and the residents all seemed to love being there.

Fellow - Endourology

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