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Urology and ent

Anyone have a hard time deciding between ent and urology? If so, what made you ultimately choose one over the other? I'm having a difficult time deciding between the two so any advice would help.  Thanks.

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been there

My final decision was between ENT and Urology as wellNumber one factor: personality differences.  Urologists (at least at my program) are more down to earth and approachable.  less pretentious.Secondary: I could see myself being a general Urologist with the wide variety.  I would find general ENT very boring, and was mostly only attracted to Head and Neck.

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Uro vs ENT

I wasn't good looking enough for ENT

I'm also trying to decide

I'm also trying to decide between Uro and ENT, but Ortho is also on my list.  Any thoughts/anecdotes/opinions also appreciated.  

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My reasons were pretty

My reasons were pretty superficial. I wanted to work in the abdomen/pelvis instead of higher up. I also don't like dealing with bones, so that ruled some other stuff out. I also found head/neck anatomy to be beyond my ability to comprehend. Those specialties are pretty widely different in the type of work they do (it seems to me), so I'd probably just think about what you want to do on a daily basis.

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