University of Tennessee - Memphis

Fellowship: Peds. Phone: 901.448.1026 Fax: 901.448.1122
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Possibly the most chill residents I saw anywhere. They like to have fun, they like to operate, there's lots of established research projects to get on board with but they aren't forced into it. I didn't know a thing about it when I got there other than that they'd been on probation a few years ago (5 or more, but that takes a while for people to forget).

Again, residents seemed really fun. The flip side to that being that academics wasn't a huge focus. They weren't bragging that they set the curve on inservice exams, but they aren't having a problem passing either.

Lots of peds, but actually pretty well balanced all around.

Just interviewed there yesterday (Nov 15th).  Have to agree with above poster...most chill/laid back & happy residents I've encountered on the trail.  They made us fell very welcome, and put on a hilarious slide show for us for like 45 minutes.  It was great.  Made me realize I'd have a great time in that residency program, even if it would be a little bit nuts with all the trauma and the specific population they see there in Memphis.Clinical research to get on board with.  Approachable faculty.  Lots of autonomy.  Not an overwhelming clinic (besides the VA in the URO-1 year).  Memphis has as many positives as negatives.  All in all, I was very surprised with the place, and will rank it much higher than I first had thought. 

Fellow - Pediatrics