Medical College of Wisconsin

Urology during General Surgery: Varies. Research Time: 1mo during PGY3. Community Rotations: Community Memorial, West Bend, and St. Joe's. Fellowship: Andrology. Tammy Janik Phone: 414.805.0788 E-mail:
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Big applicant favorite this year. It seemed like everyone I talked to was planning to rank them highly, so kudos to the people that matched there. Why? Milwaukee is a cool city and they actually make an effort to show you that. Residents are happy. The PD makes a huge point to talk about how they see the residency as a "big family" and don't want you to be miserable. They have every subspecialty represented, there's several hospitals you rotate though (including one of the best-looking children's hospitals I saw, and a VA, which looked like a VA next to the Brewer's stadium). Decent amount of trauma (penetrating, blunt, farm equipment), a sexual dysfunction clinic they seemed pretty proud of, and a host of other strong points I'm not remembering 4 months later.

Fellows - Andrology and Pediatrics