University of Wisconsin

Community Rotations: Private Practices. Fellowships: Endo, Onc, Peds. Barbara Lewis, RN, MS Phone: 608.263.1363 E-mail:

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Historically strong program, came off as a little....intense at times. The chairman (who by all accounts is a fantastic teacher and is expected to be a leader in the field w/in a few years) is a big-picture guy. This is great for running a department, but apparently can result in over-extending the department. The residents all seemed blissfully happy that this had recently been fixed by adding a few consult months, which apparently balances out the workload. Before this happened; however, they were a bit overwhelmed. They did give the PD a lot of props for finding a workable solution, which is a good sign.

Academically it's a strong program, with a changing focus on research. I don't remember all the details of this, but the goal is to not have you do research just to jump through the hoops, and try to draw you in to projects you have an active interest in. (It sounded brilliant at the time, but the details have faded).

Big focus on diversity here, which actually moved it up on my list a bit. It was a refreshing change from some other Big 10 programs, where I felt like I was being generalized with other (not standard guy who grew up in the midwest).

Also, the bar event was the night after the interview downtown, where the residents mentioned they don't go out very often, only "every week or two". Seemed like quite a bit more than other places, so if you're looking for camaraderie it might be important.

Interview Impressions: U.Wisc5 year program, 2 residents per year.  Intern year very benign with more operating than most programs.  First two years of urology training is spent at UW, then rotate at 2 different private hospitals, a VA, and also UW as chief.  They have great volume and the residents are definitely well trained when done.  About half go on to fellowships.  There were talks of adding 2 more oncologists, and possibly a 3rd resident.  The facilities are mindblowing, with a brand new childen's hospital.  The residents were happy to be there, and had a very high workload but denied being overwhelmed.  I would have been happy to match there, and ranked it in my top 5.  Madison is also an awesome town if you don't mind the cold.

Fellows - Endourology and Oncology