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Aw man, Georgetown rejected

Aw man, Georgetown rejected me! :(

wash u in St. Louis

Oct 19, Nov 2, Nov 23 Btw, if you are interested in cleveland clinic and you happen to be a smoker, STOP SMOKING NOW.  They won't hire you if your urine tests positive for cotinine (nicotine derivative, apparently).  Non-smoking hiring policy.  I don't smoke, personally, but I thought I'd give the rest of you potential chain smokers a fair warning.

University of Mississippi

Oct 17 and December 6via ERAS email

Texas Tech

Oct 18 and Oct 26via personal email

University of Chicago

University of Chicago via email. Interview dates: 11/21 and 11/22.

Anonymous (not verified)

Vcu nov 1,8,9 via personal email in spam folder

pen 15 club

Cedars-Sinai, Dates - Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th.  Message Center email.

Wayne State

November 6, 8, 20, and 22Eras notification center

NEOMED/Akron General - 10/16,

NEOMED/Akron General - 10/16, 10/18, 10/23, 10/25University of Rochester Medical Center - 10/16 

North Shore LIJ

LIJ- Nov 8 (they give you one scheduled date and ask if it's ok)via Email.