2013-2014 Urology Residency Match Airport ride sharing, Hotel room sharing, etc.

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UTSW hotel share for October 28th (interview Oct 29).  cubsfan153@msn.com

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Hotel room share for Nov 5 & Nov 6 at Crown Plaza Market Center with 2 double beds ($69/night, set up by UTSW)

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Switch Interviews

Anyone looking to switch George Washington December 2nd for November 18th?

Carpool from uic marriott to dinner

Anyone interested in riding together from the Marriott by UIC to dinner tomorrow night? I have a car and a tendency to get lost. I wouldn't mind a driving buddy! Email me at shteiner86@gmail.com if interested!

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UIC 11/19

Anybody up for sharing room night of 18th and night of 19th?Chicago is very expensive :/uro_eras1@yahoo.com

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Louisville hotel Nov 20-21

Anyone want to share a hotel room from Nov 20-21? Urology dept rate is $115/night

MCW hotel share for Nov. 4th interview

Hey,Anyone want to share a hotel room for the Country Inn Suites for MCW on the night of Nov. 3rd?7uro2014@gmail.com

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Vanderbilt November 13th

I booked a double bed room at Vanderbilt Holiday Inn (shuttle ride in the morning to the medical center) for 11/12 (Interview on 11/13). If anyone is interested in splitting the cost for the room, please contact me at tedlee88@gmail.comThanks!

Mayo Phoenix 10/31, car rental

I will be at Mayo Phoenix for the 10/31 interview.  I will be picking a car up from the airport at 5-5:30 pm on 10/30 and will be dropping it off at the airport immediately after the interview around 4:30-5:00pm on 10/31.  Cost will be $35 each.  Please email me at urology2014match@gmail.com if you'd like to split the $70.