Interview offer, great! Now what?

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Interview offer, great! Now what?

So I got my first interview offer the other day and with it a sense of some relief. But now what? How do you prepare? Travel?
I writing with the hope that maybe there will be some replies from you guys out there, maybe some current residents can give a sense of what they did to prepare for interviews last season or in the past. I know that the most important thing is to “be yourself” and not act too cool or be too shy and all that jazz. I am wondering if some people have or developed a way to prepare for each interview. I am sure some people even have some crazy superstitious acts they do before them, which would be interesting to hear about also. Having nothing to go off of I think I will apporch them as follows (making changes as needed):
-Reading about the program on the website days before, simple enough.-Taking note of any faculty they have with research experience and trying to read a few of their abstracts, you know in case they actually interview me.-Trying to get a little idea of the community around the hospital, you know things to do the two to three hours you have to spare a week outside the hospital. -Review my application and see if any of it relates directly to any of the research going on at the program. 
 As far as travel I am planning to drive when possible. Not sure what a good limit on how far I would be willing to drive is. Three hours? Five hours? Eight? Or maybe I should take a look at the rate for plane tickets to the program and see if I can catch a sweet deal? Actually maybe one of the best things would to see if I could carpool and split hotel cost with someone near by my home town (maybe more likely on later interviews). If any of you have some ideas or feedback I am sure I am not the only one willing to listen. 
 Lastly for this post I am trying to be a little forward thinking. I know I only have one interview so far but I am hopeful to have a few more and I am wondering what is a reasonable amount of turn around time from one interview to the next. Should I try and make sure I have two days or maybe more between successive interviews? Or is doing a mini gauntlet of back to back okay? I wonder about being not quite as sharp on the second or third interview in a week? I know this a problem anyone would love to have, but if I can schedule my interview apart, should I?
All for now and I look forward to hearing some of your feedback!

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I dont know if there is a

I dont know if there is a great answer to this question. It seems like you would want to schedule as many interviews as possible. Maybe only bunch them together in a region, so you dont have to travel as much. Other than that, I am looking at kiplingers top rated cities guide to find the nicest places to live around the country. It seems rare that you're going to get bad training in most cases. So the issue boils down to the intangables. Like how happy the residents are and how nice the nursing staff is. I know residency is going to be tough, and I would like to be productive during that time as well. So, it is really important to me to be with guys who laugh a lot.

Kiplingers, interesting never

Kiplingers, interesting never thought of looking at that. Might have helped more when deciding on places to apply but still can't hurt. Also just to make it clear, I don't think I would ever turn down a interview in spite of time till the next interview, I was just wondering about if I had control over the dates what should I shoot for. Also I agree I think you will get good training everywhere.

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Take your time.

Having two or three interviews in the course of a month is fantastic. Traveling should be handled on a case by case basis, just conserve cash! You are doing research on your possible employers, so you are starting off on the right foot! Good Luck!

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