Carolinas HealthCare System Program

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North Carolina
Faculty Survey Results: 

Carolinas HealthCare System Program - Steven Riggs, MD, Program Director

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Carolinas HealthCare System Program
Survey Respondent: 
Steven Riggs, MD
If you were an applicant, why would you choose to train in your residency program?: 

Opportunity to work in a very well organized, large and integrated hospital system that is one of the largest independent academic centers in the country. Additionally, we have a novel and evolving paradigm that utilizes advanced care providers to enhance and focus the residents training and experience.

What is your program looking for in a graduating medical student?: 

Engaging, eager to learn and those individuals who are vested to not only be the best they can be but to strive to leave our program in a better place than when they found it.

What part of an application do you consider most important in ranking applicants?: 

Letter of recommendation, GPA/class rank

What advice do you have for medical students hoping to match in Urology?: 

Consider rotating as medical student with your program of interest. Most importantly, be yourself! Every program wants smart residents but as important we want genuine people who are fun to be around.