Fellowship(s) - Yes

University of Oklahoma

Uology during General Surgery: 4mo. Fellowship: Peds. Other Unique Program Aspects: At the end of the chief year, the chiefs go on a medical mission trip with Dr. Culkin to Peru for one week. Beverly Shipman beverly-shipman@ouhsc.edu

University of Cincinnati

Urology during General Surgery: Varies; currently 3mo. Community Rotations: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Good Samaritan Hospital. Degree Programs: None during residency. Option for MPH during fellowship. Fellowships: Endo, Peds, Lap & Robotic. Perri Wright Phone: 513.558.0983 E-mail: wrightpj@ucmail.uc.edu

Cleveland Clinic Foundation Program

Research Time: 12mo during PGY4. Community Rotations: Hillcrest Hospital, Fairview Hospital, MetroHealth. In-House Call for Non-Chiefs. Home Call for Chiefs. Fellowships Available: Robo/Lap, Endo, Female Recon, Male Recon, Transplant, Andrology, Male Infertility, Oncology. Mary Ellen Nolder Phone: 216.445.7242 Fax: 216.445.2267 E-mail: nolderm@ccf.org

Duke University

Urology during General Surgery: 1mo. Research Time: 12mo during PGY3. Call: Night Float. Fellowships: Onc, Endo, Recon, GU Survivorship. Sherry Davi Phone: 919-681-7891 Fax: 919-684-5827 E-Mail: sherry.davi@duke.edu