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Post Match Thoughts

So I matched. For some reason it feels like the match happened weeks ago even though it's only been six days. Speaking of the whole match thing, wow. I got up at like 7:30am and was basically staring at my inbox for an hour and twenty minutes until a magic little email showed up. For a while there I didn't think it was coming and we were going to have to wait another day or two. But sure enough at about 8:50am, ten minutes before the deadline it was there. Now, I was expecting an email that said basically you matched and gave a link to click in order to find out where you matched.

Thinking Outside My Top 5

Counting down the day that we have all been waiting for. It almost here. I think like many people out there when I think about matching I really only think about how life will be as a resident at my top choice. I think it's natural for most of us to grab on to the idea of being at our top choice, heck that's why it is our top choice. Of I am trying to remind myself I can end 14 other places too! That's gets a little scary, because when I think about matching at one of the places outside my top 5 I get a little disappointed.

Winding Down

So it is starting to sink in slowly but surely. Christmas day was the one month mark for finding out where we all will be going for the next five to six years of our lives. Man, seems like yesterday I was wondering what an Indiana pouch is? I also think back on all the late hours in the library, getting up the nerve to ask for LOR’s and franticly checking myERAS to see if anyone will actually buy me as a future urology resident.