Thank you letter samples

Sample Thank You Letter 1:

Dear Dr. XXXXX,

I greatly enjoyed my interview experience last week at XXXX. Thank you very much for your hospitality. (Thank them) Your commitment to training leaders in Urology is evident. The well-rounded surgical experience and the research opportunities that are afforded to your residents are extremely impressive, and the achievements of your graduates speak for themselves. I was greatly attracted to the atmosphere of camaraderie that unmistakably pervades your residency program. Indeed, I was convinced during my visit that a XXXX residency would offer the best possible Urologic training for which one could hope. XXXX's location is also ideal as my family is in the area. (Tell them why they are good)

My interest in both clinical care and research makes your program especially attractive. I feel that I can make the most of your highly productive research programs. Having been involved both in basic science and clinical investigations, I have found research to be a compelling and productive adjunct to clinical training. I believe that I can be a valuable asset to the residency program at XXXX. (Tell them why you are good)

Again, I had a great day interviewing at XXX and left XX(City)XX with a very positive feeling. Please contact me if I can provide you with any additional information about my candidacy. (Thank them again)




Sample Thank You Letter 2:

Dear Dr. XXXX,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your very warm welcome during my interview at XXXX. I was extremely impressed with all I saw. (Thank them)

Before coming for my visit, I heard about XXXX's world-renown faculty and the excellent training that the institution affords its residents. During my visit, not only were my expectations met, but also they were far exceeded. The faculty was more than accomplished; they were also extremely friendly and supportive of the residents. Not only were the residents well versed in all areas of Urology, but they were also happy. The high quality research opportunities available to the residents spoke volumes to the institution's commitment in training Urologic leaders. Everyone whom I met was excited about XXXX, and I was convinced that your residency program is an unparalleled place to train for a future Urologist. (Tell them why they are good)

I believe that I can bring to XXXX a balanced interest in both clinical practice as well as research. Both in college and in medical school, I have had many opportunities to develop my interests in basic science research and its applications to the field of medicine. Although the primary goal of my residency is to gain the clinical acumen necessary to become a superb Urologic surgeon, I am eager to be productive and successful in both arenas.(Tell them why you are good)

I had a phenomenal time interviewing at XXXX last week. Please contact me if I can provide you with any additional information about my candidacy. (Thank them again)





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