Getting a Grip on the Affordable Care Act

So the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here. What does it all mean? Obviously there is plenty out in the news about the possible positive and negative effects this law will have for the health care system. As medical students and residents and even attendings it can be hard to know how the ACA will impact us as providers and even more difficult to know how it will affect our patients. To help give us a basic idea of what we can expect from the ACA and answer a few questions we sat down with Dr. Nathan Moore, one of the authors from the book “The Health Care Handbook”.

Why You Should Care About Pathology

So you're a urology resident and it’s your job to treat genitourinary disease. You care for patients; you probably do not care about slides. So why learn GU pathology? When I was a urology resident, back before I decided to become a GU pathologist, I asked myself that same question. I could tell you that GU pathology is awesome, which is true. But the real answer is that by knowing pathology, you will become a better urologist. Ok, I understand your skepticism, so I am going to give you four reasons you should care about GU pathology.

AUA releases CaP guideline, but more work to be done

It has been a year since the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) released its Grade D recommendation against routine prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening in men. In wake of the anniversary, the American Urological Association (AUA) released its own guideline for the “Early Detection of Prostate Cancer” at its 2013 Annual Meeting, which is currently ongoing in San Diego. Although I’m not at the AUA annual meeting, from my condo outside Washington, the guideline seems to have positive buzz at #AUA13 on Twitter.

Why I’m attending the Urology Joint Advocacy Conference

Long before I started medical school, I planned to enter politics and campaign for public office. My favorite class in high school was AP Government. My favorite high school memory is Virginia Boys State. For me, participation in a republic government was the highest calling in society. I started college as a political science major with letters of recommendation from my U.S. senator and state delegate.