University of Colorado

Research Time: 6mo during PGY4. Fellowships: Peds, Trauma/Recon. 720.724.2712
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Six year place that recently had probation with their General Surgery, which could be a good thing by keeping your hours down. Contrary to thought they don't do two full years of general surgery, they have I think a Peds rotation during 6 mo of their second year. The location can be a plus of minus depending on your type. Faculty is great and the residents seem to enjoy being their. Most of them seem to be going on in to private but of course some do fellowships. The chair is an infertility guy which I think is unique compared to other programs.

I got similar positive vibes during my visit. They really only spend 14 months on gen surgery (4 mo urology as PGY1 and 6 mo pedi urology as PGY2). But another applicant later pointed out to me that he thought it was 2 full years in the general surgery call pool. Can anyone please clarify this if they know? Thanks.

During their 6 mos of urology in their second year, they are not in the general call pool. A total of 18 months is spent in the gen surg call pool.
Great program all around, they just got a robot a couple months ago but its one of those slick dual-console ones. When the kinks get worked out, it should be great. The attendings are the real highlight of this program. Well, also the residents who are all great. But the attendings are really stand-out in my mind... well rounded, approachable, knowledgeable, friendly, great surgeons. Dr. Meacham is a character but he's harmless. The residents are all very competent when they're done, and some do get fellowships with good support from the faculty, but most recently have been going into PP all around the country.

Fellows - Pediatrics and Trauma/Reconstruction

Just a brief FYI regarding our fellows:Pediatric fellow is a non-issue in terms of losing cases. Second year fellow has own clinic and books own cases, which the residents often will serve as first assist on. First year fellow is assigned to work with one attending (both their clinic and OR) and rotates every few months. They are not allowed to bounce around and take all the interesting cases unless it is something truly rare/odd (Dr. Wilcox is very explicit about this). The senior resident (Uro-2, PGY-4) will typically do the bigger cases (exstrophy/cloaca, complex hypospadias, pyeloplasty, reimplant, etc.). The junior resident (Pre-Uro, PGY-2) will typically do the "bats-and-balls" cases (hernia, hydrocele, circumcision, "easy" hypospadias, etc.) but also do some bigger cases (either alone with attending, alone with second year fellow, or double scrubbed).Reconstruction fellow works predominately with Dr. Flynn (male/female) but will work with Dr. Higuchi (male) as well if there isn't anything else going on. They also book their own cases and do their own clinic. In many cases, especially the more straight-forward cases, the resident and fellow will do the majority of the case together which is mutually beneficial. The current fellow also often allows the resident to do the case with Dr. Flynn/Higuchi and is there more as an observer. Our overall reconstructive experience is excellent and we in no way feel infringed upon by the fellow.

WIll University Of Colorado consider an IMG for their Urology Residency program.  I am interesterd in the program for an elective rotation.  Thank you