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Step 2

Is there anyway to "hide" your Step 2 score. Did >250 on Step 1 and really dont have a need to take Step 2 early, but thought I would get it out of the way before aways with little studying since everything is fresh in my mind coming out of 3rd year. My school has a deadline for step 2 for November. Anyone have any advice regarding this. Thank you! 

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Just take it early. I studied

Just take it early. I studied for 2 wks and got a 267 and had a lower step 1 score than you. Honestly, you don't need to study hard to do well.

Hide Step 2? Selectively possible?

Congrats on the score.  Tht is actually a good question.  I'm not entirely sure how the USMLE releases scores.  ie is it an all (all available scores) or nothing score release or selective score release.  In my ERAS, I checked the box to release my USMLE scores (Step 1 only at that time), but to not release my USMLE scores when it becomes updated (ie when my Step 2 score comes in).  If both your Step 1 and Step 2 r available at the time of the application, I'm not sure if ERAS can selectively release 1 score over the other.  I'd check up on that...


If your score report is out prior to ERAS opening, then you have to submit all available score reports. You can't pick and choose. However, if your step II score report does not come out until after ERAS opens, then you can choose whether you release it to programs or not.

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Step 2

Take it late.. there is absolutely no reason to take it early.. can only hurt you.. you will score fine without even studying so just take your 230-250 in Nov/Dec and walk.    Good luck!

I say take it early to get it

I say take it early to get it out of the way. I can't imagine taking it with the stress of interviews. However, take it late enough that the score won't be automatically released and possibly hurt your application.

Please correct me if I'm

Please correct me if I'm wrong, But if i submit my completed ERAS and my USMLE Step 1 transcript and select manually for transmission of transcrpt and I can take Step 1 before November 1st (my school's deadline for step 2) will I be able to "hide" my score by the time it comes back in December from programs? Do I need to therefore complete all my applications and submit ERAS before October, if this feasible? THanks!

That works. I took step 2 in

That works. I took step 2 in mid september, got score report mid october, and no  program ever saw that score. You submit your eras and everything by october 1st at the latest, so if you don't have the score report by then it won't be sent