New round of interviews January 1st - January 3rd

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New round of interviews January 1st - January 3rd

Uploaded my ERAS late, and just got "emergency invites" from Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, JHU, UCLA and UCSF for January 1 - January 3.  I think it's going to be hard to fit all in, but I think I am going to do JHU on 1/1 (eastern most), do a a midwest tour on the 2nd at the clinics, and the west coast on the 3rd.  Anyone else in my boat?

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Get a life

Do you have nothing else to do but clutter this forum?

Let trigones be...
it wasn't really cluttered

it wasn't really cluttered until your reply was posted.

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bad decub

Posting this was funny until I realized I didn't match anywhere....

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Oh reeaally...

Well congrats if you did. I'm also wondering what makes you an "emergency." I'm just amazed you are getting an interview on a Holiday. This post smells like a bad decub.