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Post your stats and match results

Congratulations to all those who just matched!  For those of us looking to apply in future years, it would really helpful to see how people did based on their stats and info, and previous threads like this have been a great help.  I've posted a template that people can copy forward, or just make your own. Thanks!Step 1:Step 2:Med school grades:Med School Reputation:Research:Away rotations:Other factors:Applied/Invited for interview/went to interview:Matched (yes/no):Where on rank list:At away location?:Thoughts/advice for future applicants:

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  Step 1: 221 Step 2: 241 Med

 Step 1: 221Step 2: 241Med school grades: High PassesMed School Reputation: Average US Med SchoolResearch: couple urology abstractsAway rotations: 2 (UPenn, NYU)Applied/Invited for interview/went to interview: 30 applications, 5 invites, 4 interviewsMatched (yes/no): yesWhere on rank list: #1At away location?: NoThoughts/advice for future applicants: Its not all about the grades and scores.  What impresses PD and chair most is your likeability and personality.  They want someone that they will enjoy working with for 5-6 years.  Someone who they know will get the job done. I feel confident that i would have matched at the places I did away rotations at, but I fell in love with a different program and made a strong push once I decided it was my top choice. 


Sure, let's go. Step 1: 240-245Step 2: >265 (took it late, not released)Med school grades: mostly H's and HP's third year. non-AOA.Med School Reputation: unranked/lower tier. okay uro department.Research: non-uro pub. some clinical uro research starting third year with no pubs or presentations.Away rotations: 2, aug and sept. both are somewhere lower-top to upper-mid tiers range.Other factors: two well known chair letters from my away programs, probably generic. two great letters from home chair and away attending. otherwise, i'm a pretty normal dude with nothing extraordinary to boast. Applied/Invited for interview/went to interview: >65, 14, 13Matched (yes/no): yesWhere on rank list: 1At away location?: yesThoughts/advice for future applicants: i ended up matching at my first choice, a great program where i did an away so i can at least speak to this approach. would probably not have gotten an interview here otherwise. i'm not particularly smart or funny, don't have much research, and i must be no better than 50th percentile of my class. i think the most important things during the aways are to be likeable and to demonstrate that you'd make a good resident. to do this, you do need to have a basic grasp on urologic issues in line with showing that you can learn and that you are excited about the field. know your anatomy. onc also has tons of room for pimp questions. that said, i can assure you it was not my limited knowledge of urology that shined the most. i worked hard, got along with people, stayed late on occasion, made myself known to as many attendings as possible. in the end if they like what they've seen from you, you have a great shot at matching there. really make an effort to get to know everyone from residents to attendings and staff. sure, there are probably 20+ other students who did exactly what you did. but, if you succeed at all these things, why not be the one they like the most!

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Step 1: < 235 Step 2: >

Step 1: < 235Step 2: > 250Med school grades: Half Honors, Half Pass (no high pass at my school)Med School Reputation:  Unknown medical school to most programs, no department of urologyResearch:  A lot.  10+ abstracts / pubs / presentations.  Most of them in UroAway rotations:  zero Sub IsOther factors: Very strong, personable LORsApplied/Invited for interview/went to interview: 50, invited 15, went 12Matched (yes/no): yesWhere on rank list: 1, amazing programAt away location?: see aboveThoughts/advice for future applicants:  I decided on Urology late in the process, so my road was a little different.  Do Sub Is, I wish I did some, I definitely stressed about it but it turned out not to matter.  Step 2 definitely helped and was commented on at a few interviews.  

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Step 1: Step 2: Med school

Step 1:Step 2:Med school grades:Med School Reputation:Research:Away rotations:Other factors:Applied/Invited for interview/went to interview:Matched (yes/no):Where on rank list:At away location?:Thoughts/advice for future applicants:

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Step 2

Thank you for your posts! To the first Anonymous User with the 228 Step 1, did you take your step 2 before you applied? How did you time your step 2 and aways with submission of your app? My step 1 score is a 232,  I'm trying to figure out how to schedule step 2 + aways before this early deadline. Thanks!

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Step 1: 248 Step 2: 251 (didn't release)Med school grades: High pass Surgery. All other Pass. Class Rank: 50%ile. Not AOA. Med School Reputation: According to Rankings: Top 25. Well respected Uro Department Research: 1 weak non-uro publication from Med 1Away rotations: One at very strong programOther factors: Great Letters, got a lot of comments about the strength of my letters! (Uro is a small community, great letters carry HUGE weight) Applied/Invited for interview/went to interview: 42, 17, 14Matched (yes/no): YesWhere on rank list: #1 At away location?: No Thoughts/advice for future applicants:1) UroMatch is a decent guide (especailly to see if you get first round interviews), but dont stress out about everything you read. There's always some a$$whole who claims his Step 1 295, #1 rank at Harvard, and authorship of 3 textbook chapters has gotten him only 1 interview. There are gunners out there who just trying to stress other out. 2) For aways: Residents know if you are gunning others down, and no one wants a future collegue who is going to try to burn them. My home program residents told me a couple guys did an away at our program and that one just kept throwing the other guy under the bus. They informed the chair and PD and the guy didnt match at my home program. 3) I wish I had done Uro research. Even a simple paper would have been great to boost my application. I got asked at a number of programs about my lack of Uro research. 

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Step 1: 237 Step 2: 246 Med

Step 1: 237Step 2: 246Med school grades: Preclinical passes (H/P/F), honored all cores except Family and Ob/Gyn, three urology sub-I's (2 away), and one medicine sub-I, plus a few electives (clinical H/P/F) Med School Reputation: top 30?Research: Urology - 2 abstracts, 2 podium, 2 papers, 1 chapter; Non-Urology - 1 abstract, 6 podium, 2 papersAway rotations: 2Other factors: excellent letters (they let you read them on interview day at the Cleveland Clinic)Applied/Invited for interview/went to interview: 31/28/15Matched (yes/no): YesWhere on rank list: #1 :)At away location?: NoThoughts/advice for future applicants: It was extremely helpful that I could pitch myself as a consistently themed package (I started off interested in ___ before I realized it was only the ____ that I enjoyed so I started branching out into ____ eventually figuring out that I loved ____ and now I plan to build a career out of it).