The waiting game

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The waiting game

So what to do when passing the time. Well I am not sure since I am still sitting around waiting for my first interview offer. But congrats to all those who have received offers.  
 So I figured I would share a little more about myself while most of us wait to hear from the programs.  
I knew about wanting to go in to Urology pretty early in my medical experience, like 2nd or early 3rd year. I am glad I figured it out then because I can only imagine finding out late that you wanted to apply for Urology and having the added pressure of getting aways, LOR’s, and applications done on short notice. I commend those who had to do it. Now that we have done all the work it seems odd to just sit here and wait. I have finished all my Urology rotations, including my away rotation. Man it was not always easy to put on a smile, the rotations were great but it was like being at an interview everyday for two months straight! You all probably know what I am saying; you know, never letting it appear to anyone that your a tired, bored, or wanting to do anything other than learn.  
Also while I sit here and wait I start second guessing myself, never fun. Like for one, did I apply to enough programs? I found that when asking residents and others about what a good number is that I got answers from 20 to 25 to people convincing me that if I don’t apply to them all that I’m crazy. But in the end I only applied to 33 programs. No while I sit and watch the forum board light up with offers, I am wondering if I should shell out another couple of hundred dollars and apply to more?? But then I tell myself that I had my list looked over several times by others and should just relax. Still would it hurt to apply to more, other than my wallet of course? I also constantly wonder if I applied to a good mix? Or worst yet maybe I missed some fatal flaw on my application and every program looking at my application is saying “wow I feel sorry for this guy, he probable doesn’t even know he made this mistake” I think if I just got an offer I would stop being so critical of my list, in fact all but one of the programs I applied to still have yet to give any offers. But I know myself and even though I don’t expect to get offers to all or even most of the programs, I know that watching more offers go out and still sitting here with a zero will not be easy. So lets all just hope that we can get the first one out of the way and take a deep breathe.

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Since I found myself unable to sleep this evening, I decided to go through the old board to see when various programs gave offers last year. From a spot check it seems that most programs send offers at about the same time year to year. I thought I'd share a quick way to check for the programs you applied to.

Go to the old forum, click on 2008-2009 interview offer section. Sort the list alphabetically, click on the school, and look at the date of the first post. It made me feel a lot better.

Good luck folks, and congrats to everybody who already got offers, and if not, try this and it should make you feel a little better =).

Good luck!

The waiting game is awful. I definitely know the feeling about checking the UM forum to find out that a particular school has passed by my application and basically rejected it. That being said, it is comforting to know that I have a few interviews scheduled, and some from places that I never thought I'd get an interview from.

Its still way early in the game, and even though it may seem like there are more invites at this time of year than in the past, most schools haven't even started sending out invites. So for those of us who have a few invites already, I think we should count ourselves very lucky and recognize that there are probably quite a few applicants who still haven't received any interviews yet. For those still waiting - sit tight, I'm sure your invites will come!

Good luck to everyone who frequents this forum. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all on the trail.