Medical College of Georgia

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Medical College of Georgia

Interview offered 9/8Dates: 10/30, 12/4, 12/11

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Had 2 LORs in at time of invite

Offered 9/8. Same dates as

Offered 9/8. Same dates as above.

cograts   what are the basic

cograts what are the basic documents should be in ERAS to send application/?just to catch the dead line

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Had one LOR in, interviewing

Had one LOR in, interviewing Dec 11th

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I was complete, well waiting for the 4th letter, but I didn't designate it yet in ERAS...haven't heard any rejections yet, but I applied to a majority of the ones already offered to I am waiting for the second "wave" if there is one.

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Interview offer

accepted interview for December 4th. Offered on 9/9/10