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UT Southwestern

Notified by email
today. Two dates offered.
Oct 19
Nov 15

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Anyone have thoughts on contacting now vs. after deadlines for apps have passed?

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Are they sending rejections

Are they sending rejections out as well? Really wanted this one.


how is everyone arranging transportation beween dfw and the hotel?

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did you have your app in on

did you have your app in on sept 1?

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Yes - app submitted 9/1,

Yes - app submitted 9/1, letters/transcript loaded to ERAS on 9/8

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Does anyone know...

Does anyone know if most programs send out invitations in waves, or is it a one-time-only deal?

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my guess is some do waves,

my guess is some do waves, some only do one set of invites. If you are really concerned about a particular program, I would contact them and ask.   

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interview offer

Emailed this morning.Offered Oct 19th.  November 15th.Application is complete. 


Notified by email today. Two dates offered: Oct 19 Nov 15 Application is complete, 4 LOR.

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reject today

got reject letter today. "unable to interview every applicant"