Where do I stand?? Please help!

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Where do I stand?? Please help!

I'm not entirely sure where I stand with my stats. I am MS3 from a small school with a STEP 1 score of 238. I have research from undergrad and during med school, but nothing relative to Urology.Needed some help on what kind of programs I should be applying to. LIke what would be a "reach" for me and what would be "within" my stat score range. Not having published info like the NRMP makes it a bit more difficult. Any help is appreciated!!   THANKs in advance!!

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Your step I score is great. I

Your step I score is great. I am a fellow applicant, so take my advice with a grain of salt.There a lot more to your application than Step I and research. With amazing performance on away rotation and excellent LORs always compensate for the lack of research as long as you are not trying to get into top schools.  People are cautious about telling what programs are reach schools, because it can offend some people who go there, but you can kinda tell whether a particular urology program is more academic/research based vs. community by visiting their websites.  Sorry for unclear answers. 

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Talk to your urology adivisor, they'll be able to help you more than anyone here. 

As a resident, having gone

As a resident, having gone through this 3+ years ago, I can tell you the way you get your foot in the door is a step 1 score.  The urology match, in general, is a regional match.  People will end up matching all over the place, but generally it's regional (espeically for mid-tier, or smaller programs). I am from a mid-tier, small program, and we have interviewed people with mainly step 1 scores of 235+.   Not to say there are not outliers, but the initial screening of 200+ applicants for a few spots starts with a "good score" / "bad score" pile.  The fact that you've done research will help some places, and won't mean anything in others.  After the step 1 score, things like class rank and general overall performance in school is evaluated.  The most important thing, once you get interviews, is not being a social failure during your interview process.  Be personable and be yourself (unless you're overbearing, obnoxious, rude, etc.)  90%+ of applicants are more than qualified...the trick is finding the place you fit it, and interviewing well.  

Screening by USMLE score on ADTS

If I see a program has only downloaded my USMLE transcript from ERAS through the ADTS, and then nothing else after that, does it mean that I've effectively been screened from their applicant pool based purely on Step 1 and 2 scores?

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I'm applying this year.To the MS3:  I also recommend talking to your urology advisor if your school has one.  I personally think you are in good shape step 1-wise. But general advice= do as well as you can on your surgery + medicine rotation.  They look at both of those.  Try to get in on some light chart research throughout.  Just spam the whole department (one by one) asking for a research opportunity.    If you start that now, you might have formed one very good relationship with a urologist by the end of the year.  That might equate to a good letter of rec.  Urology is huge on recs from other urologists.  Then do a subi and 1 or 2 aways.  Get a letter from each.  Those are the big things.  not every program wants huge amounts of research so don't worry about what you have done so far.To the guy asking about USMLE transcript download, i read on another forum (written by someone who was allegedly a PD) that PDs cannot download part of an application.  They have to download the whole thing.  They cannot screen at point of download, only afterwards.  The whole time stamp variation thing that we see on our end is likely due to some quirk in the system or perhaps the USMLE transcript being downloaded more swiftly than the rest of the app.  They are downloading hundreds of applications simultaneously so perhaps that is why this occurs.  I'm not sure if this is all true but it is what I read somewhere on student-doctor.


Hey everyone, I would like very much to match in Urology in 2015 but would like to know where I stand.  I am a 31 year old IMG Student with a Masters in Biochemstry and a minor in Epidemiology.   I am from Florida.   I will be doing research over the next several months while I am in my Urology Electives so, I hope to have a couple case reports and/or abstracts written.  Also, I received a 228 on STEP1 and I plan on obtaining a 248 on Step 2CK.  I honored Surgery and Family Med, and High Passed IM, and I am finishing up OB/GYn with intentions of Honoring it.  I will be doing 3 Urology electives back to back.  Anyone have an idea as to whether they think I will have a chance at matching in at least one program?  Thanx guys