How many interviews is normal at this stage

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How many interviews is normal at this stage

How many interviews is normal for applicants at this stage. Early october. Just so we can gage

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No clue

No clue what is normal, but I have 7 invites right now. I'm interested in seeing where others stand, as well. 


2(including one from my home program) should I be worried?

I have 5 invites right now.

I have 5 invites right now. But honestly, I don't think you should worry since the large majority of programs haven't made any decisions yet, and some places have only sent out their first wave of invites. (i.e. cleveland clinic just sent out a second wave of invites this past Monday.) I'm sure you'll start hearing in the next 2 weeks. Good luck!

I have 12 scheduled plus 1

I have 12 scheduled plus 1 guranteed from a rotation.  So 13.I am not really sure if there is an earthly reason as to why I've been this fortunate.  Not posting to brag, mostly for posterity's sake.  I did apply to a ton of programs though (78).  Just because I was scared of how competitve it was last year and because I decided on this field really, really late.  Also, I did not get honors in surgery.  I do have a couple good recs from well known urologists so maybe that helped although I didn't know them for very long so not really sure how good they are.  not aoa.  +250 step 1.  Some last min uro abstracts and a history of involvement in research of other types At a good school, not "top 10" though.  Given all that, I'm positive there are people out there with more than me but just arent speaking up.Anyway, I would look it like this: probably a 1/4th to a 1/3rd of the uro programs out there have offered interviews, right? If you aren't a quarter to a third of the way to where you want to be in terms of interviews offered, I might just mention it to your program director or advisor.  If you are, then in all likelihood you'll finish where you want to be, especially since lots of people always end up having to cancel interviews AND many of the programs that have offered already are still offering.

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Are most of you getting interviews all over the country or very regional in regards to your home institution?

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I think I am a mid tier applicant (average step 1 ~240, AOA, few published articles only 1 uro). I have 9 invites +3 guarenteed from Sub-Is that havent been given out yet. Of the 9, two seem regional (NE), also have FL and AZ with no aways or real link in either states in my app. 

So far...

Applied to 34 schools, 8 interview offers so far, 0 rejections but two schools have sent offers out so far that I haven't received yet.  The offers appear to be coming from schools all over the U.S. as I have not noticed any regional pattern.

so far

applied to 47, 10 interview offers so far. mostly regional. mid 250s. one non uro pub, two non uro posters. a few recent uro projects that I've gotten involved with. Midwest school, not a big name program. offers will come to those who don't have as many as they want! it's still very early. 


I only have 1 (home program and subI have not offered interviews yet) I applied to 65 programsStep1 240s, not AOA, not a big name school, lots of research, 2pubs,1poster(all urology)3 letters from big name, 2 are strong.starting to freak out!. My only hope is the interview are going to AOA, 250 step1, and big name schools, and things will change next week.  

in the same boat

My application is very similar to the one above (except research is non-Uro -- decided relatively late) and I also only have 1 interview so far.  The chairman from my home program and at an away both told me my application was competitive and I shouldn't have a problem matching.  Here's to hoping they are right and this year isn't even more competitive than last year...