chances MS3 from a state med school

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chances MS3 from a state med school

Hey guys, another M3 posting about chances of matching. My stats look something like:

Step 1 - 259

M1 and M2 grades all honors (we have letter grades for everything). M3 year all honors so far. 2 basic science publications (not first author), 2 poster presentations and 1 oral presentation in non-urologic surgical fields, working on 2 other uro papers now, 2 uro case reports. 

Unsure about AOA status until feb

I'm wondering what my chances are coming from a newer state med school without too much of a national presence and no home urology department. I know how important away rotations are and I'm trying to plan them out as earlier as possible. What do you guys think?

You good

Your scores and grades are competitive. From my experience letters and personality are what set you apart. You have the ability to be a "top tier" applicant with the appropriate letters. Do aways at places you want to go or regions, and keep working hard. Try to be yourself and do the cliche things of being cool and fitting in and applying broadly. I think the end all be all is getting letters from faculty that will vouch for you, especially not having a home program, as I think that has been the most significant part of getting interviews. Best of luck.

thanks for your comments!

thanks for your comments! anybody else have advice on how to maximize chances given no home uro program? thanks!

Do more away programs and

Do more away programs and make sure you do them as early as possible. You typically need a minimum of three letters, preferably from urologists, so that translates to three away rotations (three subinternships in urology is typical, most do one home and two aways). 

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posts like these are why I discourage upcoming applicants from getting on this website. This has to be one of the douchiest posts Ive ever seen here, and sadly not uncommon

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This post is just a shameless

This post is just a shameless cry for validation

its unfortunate people write

its unfortunate people write these sorts of posts

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