2016-2017 Interview Offers

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2016-2017 Interview Offers

In an effort to combat the rumors and misinformation that may circle at this time of year, can we get this thread started? Post communication/invities/rejections please!

I have heard some whisperings that invites have started going out!?

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thaturoguy (not verified)
Seconded. Haven't heard said

Seconded. Haven't heard said whispers but now I'm curious

Anonymous (not verified)
UAB interview 9/26, offer via

UAB interview 9/26, offer via ERAS email

UAB Interview

UAB sent through ERAS.

Offer date: 9/15

Interview date: 9/26 



UAB offer

Goodness that was fast

Urofasho (not verified)
Woah that was so fast

Woah that was so fast

Marc (not verified)
Interview offer

Congrat that was fast!

Lets keep it updated

Second that UAB offer for the

Second that UAB offer for the same date! Didn't think it could be true since the date was so early! This invite was sent via ERAS around 2pm 9/16 (today)

someurostudent (not verified)
Email with UAB invite, but not showing up on ERAS

Took Step 2 CS today, when I got out I saw an email with a UAB interview offer.  Don't see anything under interview invitations on ERAS though, but theres a message from them under Messages....anyone know what might have happened?

baculum (not verified)
get that google doc going

someone ought to clean up and publish a google doc like they had last year: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NzEUDPtBamjXg6LRrVdNH9OZXFXvllQK...

bkuro1 (not verified)
uab different date

offer: 9/18

interview: 10/21