2016-2017 Interview Offers

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Invite: 9/21 (email outside of eras)

Dates: 10/31, 11/16, 11/18

Steph (not verified)
Loyola- Stritch? Or New Orleans?

Hey which Loyola sent out invites?

interviewee (not verified)
interview sign up system?

do these programs use a website or an app to sign up for interviews, or is each program different?

anyone else

notice this forum updates late/slowly

Parker (not verified)

It's updates are slow and often out of order. We need a google spreadsheet for this year!

UroFasho (not verified)
Yeah I noticed that

Yeah I noticed that

UroAnon2 (not verified)
UT Chatanooga

Invite 9/22

Dates Oct 8th, Oct 29th

Uro2017 (not verified)
UT Chattanooga

Invite: 9/22 (through ERAS)
Dates: 10/8 and 10/29

BladdersMatter (not verified)

10/8 and 10/29

Urology Daddy (not verified)
Hofstra Northwell - Smith Institute

Personal Email invite sent out 9/22 for pre-scheduled dates (Oct 20th)