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Michigan Switch

My Nov. 17 for your Nov. 16 or Nov. 1. Would be a great help.Email uro.matcher@gmail.comMany thanks!!

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Similar request.  Swap 11/17

Similar request.  Swap 11/17 for your 11/16.  Please e-mail uroswitch61801@gmail.com Thanks! 

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SImilarly, I am looking to

SImilarly, I am looking to switch the 11/17 date for 11/1 or 11/2? I am really hopingfor a switch and would be willing to shell out a few dollars in thanks if anyone is interested? PLease email at: Jocie.liu@gmail.com

MICHIGAN: my 16th for your 1st or 2nd

I have November 16th...Need to switch for Nov. 1 or Nov 2. Urologyapp@gmail.com

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I had to cancel my Michigan

I had to cancel my Michigan interview, so there should be a free spot on 11/2 for one of you out there.  Call up the office and go for it!