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nov 5 and nov 19offer by email

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Has anyone heard anything at all about this program?

Anonymous (not verified)

Email a couple of weeks ago saying they will be sending out invites around Oct 10


I too am very curious. There is zero information out there.

Mayo Arizona

Great program.
Unknown outside of the west.
8 great attendings on site. (Breakdown of surgeons below has crossover, thus numbers add up > 8)
1 fellowship trained endourologist (1 of 15 in nation to perform HoLEP)
1 fellowship trained female/reconstructive urologist
1 fellowship trained lap oncologist
3 surgeons who used to run the lap/reconstructive fellowship
6 fantastic laparoscopic/robotic surgeons
2 office urologists
5 peds attendings at children's hospital (including the one and only Dr. Ritchey - ie Wilms Tumors)
1 infertility trained community urologist.
1 year designated general surgery internship
4 years of Urology without dedicated research time
6 months of peds
3 months of electives
2 residents per year

Great lap/robotic experience.
2 da Vinci robots
Heavy case volumes
Tertiary referral center for region
Mentorship model - You're assigned to 1 attending at a time and run his/her service
1:1 training ratio
Relatively new program (5 years old)
4 chiefs are in/or have recently matched to fellowship programs of their choice

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much!

Would you mind answering a few more questions, since there is truly NOTHING else out there?

Are there any fellows?

What is the relationship between residents, and also between residents and faculty?

What do you dislike and like about the program?

Anonymous (not verified)
I was invited to interview

I was invited to interview and responded
but have not heard back from them. Do they
send confirmation by paper mail? Has anyone
heard from them yet?