Step 1 vs Step 2 scores for matching

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Step 1 vs Step 2 scores for matching

So I bombed my Step 1... 213...and rocked my step 2 ...265. Will I even be considered? Or are step 1 scores the only important ones programs look at? I have plenty pf research, publications, LOR from top chair, leadership, yadda yadda....BUT I just didnt know Uro was what I wanted after 2nd yr and honestly I just wanted to get done with that test and did not prepare or put in the study time....I have done 2 aways at my tope choice programs and was completely myself...friendly, worked hard but didint try to gun up the place...I felt comfortable with all the residents...Does that count for anything? Or are my step 1 scores going to haunt me forever? I just was curious what others thought...I dont need harsh criticism..As Im already just as stressed by this match process....but honest criticism/thoughts would be appreciated. 

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Cheer up

I think you have a good shot at your top choice, from what you've written. I've repeatedly heard that Program Directors take Step 2CK into consideration when Step 1 scores aren't ideal.

So long as you get the interviews that you need, once you're there you should be fine.


Your Step 2 scores are fantastic! I hope you have requested a document update through ERAS and sent a quick note to the coordinators that you have updated score reports...

Good Luck!

2-0 Chromic

I'm impressed. My Step 1 is not impressive either, and my Step 2 was great. This type of improvement shows that you know your stuff. Before I had even taken Step 2, I had marked Urology off my list of things I wanted to do. Well, if that didn't come back to bite me in the butt.

Wow! 50pt improvement! I'm really excited for you. You are going to do great, and I think with that kind of score some are going to forgive you for Step 1. With that said, I've heard some programs actually cut off at certain Step 1 scores without looking at the Step 2 scores. I wouldn't worry too much about this though. You will find your match and people will be impressed with your improvement.

Good Luck!!!

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Your scores and all you list

Your scores and all you list sounds great, but you do come across as insecure. You might not be, but you might practice your interview skills so that you knock them dead when they see you. Interview impressions are so important.

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Hello. How did things turn

Hello.How did things turn out? Did you match at one of your top choices?... I am supposed to take Step 2 next week, but I am not ready. I scored 220-225 on Step 1 and am nervous about whether I should take Step 2 a scheduled before submitting the ERAS, or whether it is OK to move it and wait to take Step 2 in September (looks like no spots where I could take it, right now) or October.Thoughts, pls?Thanks.

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