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October 23, November 13, or November 20
By email today

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Date Switch

Can someone please consider switching their Baylor offer of Nov 20 to Oct 23. I will be in Texas the end of November, so I would rather fly only once to Texax. Thanks.

You knocking Texas?

Cuz that don't fly down here... Keep y'alls yankee attitudes to yourself...

(Yes, I'm totally kidding but you opened the door when you misspelled the state name)

Anonymous (not verified)
it's ya'll. for example, im

it's ya'll. for example, im waitlisted for nov 20, so if ya'll could just go ahead and cancel for this date, that'd be just fine.

Since the stress does make one crack at times...

Actually, "y'all" is a contraction of "you" and "all", thus the correct spelling of the term is "y'all". Feel free to look it up on wiki:

(In your defense, the alternate spelling is used by the occasional author in Southern literature.)

Good luck!

Anonymous (not verified)

You are right on the you all(y'all) contraction. I just think it's (it is) funny that we have so much time to correct the grammatical errors of others. The South my talk slow, but don't let that fool you.

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Haha...can someone please help me out with the switch. Thanks.

Anonymous (not verified)

Please email me at if anyone is willing to switch my Oct 23rd offer for a Nov 20th. Thanks.

Switch interview dates

Would anyone like my Nov 20 for a Nov 13 date? Thanks,