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Indiana U

Rejection received via ERAS this morning.

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Polite rejection, today via ERAS

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Rejected by Indiana via eras today


10/03/2011 - Indiana University Rejection

Ditto for Indiana and UTSW

Ditto for Indiana and UTSW

foley removal

Rejection via ERAS today.  "More applications for our three urology positions than any other year since accepting applications through ERAS."

UNC Rejection - historic application season?

Yeah I read the same thing, that's pretty nuts. I am sure each program (and not just UNC) is seeing a record number of applications. I wonder if this across all surgical specialties or just Urology.In my medical school (private, top20), class size ~100, in prior years there was usually one or at most two students applying into Urology. This year we have 4! And from talking to other students on aways, the bigger state medical schools have a ridiculous amount of students applying in Urology as well. I don't know how, but suddenly Urology has become the new "it" specialty. Anybody else have similar experiences? Regardless, good luck during this competitive season. 

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Indiana and UNC this AM, UTSW

Indiana and UNC this AM, UTSW last week.

Pretty sure I'm going to get

Pretty sure I'm going to get sick..... Is it time to activate plan B?

Rejected by Georgetown,

Rejected by Georgetown, Indiana, and U North Carolina today.On the plus side, interview from UI: Chicago