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Switching Protocol

Can we switch without letting the program know until after the switch is complete? Or is it a good idea to email/call the program and let them know you are trying to switch before you arrange something.  Thanks!

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Can't hurt

But, you don't want to stand out in an annoying way, obviously.Of course, if a program offers a waitlist for dates that were not available when you signed up, of course, sign up for the waitlist.If no such waitlist appears to exist, it may be worthwhile to send the program coordinator a nice note to the effect of - I really want to remain under consideration by coming to interview, however I am looking to switch to x date, so if any cancelations or switches come up, please keep me in mind.  It may also be useful to ask whether you should follow-up in a week or whatever timeframe, or if you should simply wait to hear from the coordinator.I happened to be on a waitlist, but got someone to switch with me thru these forums, so the program coordinator was probably not surprised to hear from me once things worked out.good luck!