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Why? What do you think they

Why? What do you think they are going to learn about you in 30 more minutes that they couldn't figure out after working with you for a month?

It's true though

It is definately true that some programs will not waste an interview on you if they really don't see a fit. For example, UCSF does not guarantee interviews to all students who did aways.
I actually agree with that policy. If they really don't see a fit, then that means it's not the best place for you, so why waste a very valuable interview day just as a formality? I'd rather not get my hopes up anyways. I'll keep my $500 for airfare and hotel and chalk up the wasted month to a lesson learned sooner rather than later.

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Away rotations and interviews

I was reading the postings about not obtaining interviews at away rotation instituitions. I am currently on my away rotation, and I have the choice to either interview this week with the faculty or come back. I'm chosing to interview this week and save a plane ticket. I think rotating for a month really says a lot to an institution. They get to see the real you instead of a 30 minute version based on what you tell them about yourself.

Congrats on the TTU program interveiw offer. I'll most likely see you there.

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Texas Tech hotel


I am a Urology Intern @ KU and I interview @ Tech last year. I have a 2 night stay at a hotel in Lubbock close to the hospital. The voucher is only good until the end of November, and its valued at $350. Let me know if you are interested in buying it from me for $100. I can't use it, and it would cut down on your interview cost.

Its at the Hawthorne Suites in Lubbock and I can give you more details if you are interested.

You can contact me at aarther@kumc.edu

Congratulations on the interview
Good luck on the interview process
Have fun on the trail

Andy Arther

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one more question...

Does anyone know anything about the Texas Tech University program? How are the residents to work with? How is call? I know they offer only one position, but I'd like to know about the little things before I interview.

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TT Program

I'm a Tech fourth year. I just finished my sub-i at this program. This post is for people interviewing there this weekend.

The program has an onslaught of skilled and veteran urologists, from retired Surgeon General Bernard Mittemeyer to its program director, Jonathan Vordermark (trained with the best). Allan Haynes, second of a three generation surgeon lineage, embodies the tenets on which the practice of medicine was founded upon. Cynthia Smith has operated throughout the NM/CO/TX region for 15+ years, and can explain (literally) everything to 1st year BS detail. Thomas Nelius completed his PhD at Northwestern (CAP related), has practiced in Germany, and is very light-hearted.

The attendings have worked in private practice and/or the military for a good 20-30 years. As such, whenever you operate, you are in the presence of severe experience -- so much that they feel comfortable standing sideline and coaching you through the entire surgery. There's no urgency in the OR, just a desire to make you a better surgeon.

The call is q3, home-call. The residents were usually up all night fielding calls, which is to be expected at any program.

Didactic sessions cover Campbell's twice throughout the four year urology portion.

Best of luck!