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Osteopathic Applicant

It kind of feels like I'm walking on new carpet with muddy boots posting here, but here goes. This thread has been in the old forum, and as a DO student going for one of the coveted ACGME Urology positions I wanted to share and see if I have forgotten something important; plus if anybody knows of a DO friendly PD...

I am participating in three different matches; AUA, AOA (for uro only), and NRMP (for prelim year Sx). Hopefully, I'll only have to do AUA and NRMP will be a formality. That being said, I have applied to 28 ACGME programs (probably not enough, but I didn't want to apply to a program without knowing that they will at least consider a DO), 9 AOA urology programs (10 or so positions nationwide), and 7 preliminary surgery all at places I applied for uro.

Stats: Step 1 - 233/97, Step II pending, SSP (DO version of AOA), middle of the class, don't have any idea on clinical grades, strong LOR's but not anybody famous, decent personality though I have been told that I come across as 'intense' when I'm stressed. I have a masters, did a lot of leadership stuff both on campus, and with the state and county organizations. Plenty of volunteer work. Male. One case report in the works but won't be published before match. A couple oral presentations that I put in ERAS just because I thought it couldn't hurt. Personal statement that ticked off my lawyer friend, but was really liked by mentor who has worked on admission committees.

So, any other DO applicants out there? Any advice on DO friendly ACGME programs? Oklahoma, UT San Antonio, Brown all have or have had DO urology residents. Is it likely that the whole DO thing will mean fewer interviews? I am getting a little freaked out since I really don't want to go unmatched.

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DO uro here

I'm applying for DO uro as well. Here's some advice from a friend who matched last year, try not to think of it as applying for MD or DO urology. Instead think of it as trying to find the place where they like you as much as you like them; that's the key to a happy match. And if all else fails, just know that the schizophrenic tendencies you're feeling right now are shared by all. Feel free to PM me.

applying DO Uro

im also a DO applying for Uro. i've rotated through several programs and have spoken to everyone from program directors, chiefs of urology, infamously honest osteo and allo attendings plus residents at all levels...the one thing that has been a constant recommendation by all (esp for a DO) is you better know someone with a good name in Urology. It's a field where everyone knows everyone, and if you drop the right names and if someone likes you enough to pick up the phone on your behalf, it can bypass all statistics and titles (ie DO) that stand in your way. That being said, even with a phone call, good stats, good letters, decent grades, and a paper here and there, this process sucks because we are clearly at the bottom of a barrel trying to dig ourselves out. i feel your pain

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While it is undoubtedly not

While it is undoubtedly not fair, applying as a DO you are bound to get fewer interview offers. Part of that stems from the age old basis against DOs, part of it stems from the unknown (hard to evaluate different course work inherent in the DO system, as an MD i frankly do not know how it differs as an example) and part of it stems from the abundance of MD applicants for a limited number of spots. I think you have covered your bases well in applying to places that have traditionally taken a DO student. I do not recall if you mentioned having done an away at an allopathic program; a strong letter and experience at an allopathic progam would go a long way to addressing any concerns with your application (admittedly a little to late to really set this up and no reason to panic about). You have a decent USMLE, if you do better on step 2 be sure to let your programs know about it.. Beyond what you have done just try to go to absolutely as many interviews as you can, try to be normal and honest in your answers (hard for people to do believe it or not) and do not get too stressed or discouraged. Best of luck with the match.

DO Curriculum

I can only speak for my institution, but I would say that only real difference between allopathic and osteopathic curricula is the addition of a course in "Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine". There is a trade off, I think there is less time spent in pharmacology and basic sciences compared to top-tiered allopathic institutions. We have less direct exposure to research as a practice, fewer academic departments of medicine (ie no uro chair), and we have less pressure to specialize. I also had a whopping 3 week summer...

Ticked off

I don’t know much about matching as I am doing it right now, and I am not trying to be critical, just offering advice. But I think ticking any one off with a personal statement would raise a red flag. You have to remember, these people don’t know you at all. And they are basing everything they about you as a person off of this statement. Regardless if they agree with your position or not, saying 'ticked off' implies it is a controversial perspective. While it is good to have a position, and it reflects very good things about the strength of an individual, it may portray a 'controversial attitude' to the program director. When, if you think about it, they are probably looking for a good team player. I mean, the approaches to a personal statement are endless, I think it could be easy to avoid controversy and talk about your passions or something. It's like the old saying about talking politics with the in-laws. However, since I don’t know what you are actually referring to, I may be way off base with this analysis. Ticked off just raised a red flag in my mind.

He is a lawyer...

They think differently. He wanted the essay to have a firm thesis supported by evidence, whereas I approached it as a person narrative and showed how I got to applying in urology and the experiences that make me the type of person who would be a strong resident and a strong member of the profession. He was really upset with me when I didn't take his advice and how to change it, but no, it was not controversial... Though a bit more personal than I normally get with strangers. I agree it is inadvisable to take on inflamatory topics in a personal statement. Thanks for the response!

Osteopathic applicants and interviews

Any other osteopathic applicants noticing a fewer number of responses than most people on here? As far as I can tell only two osteopathic programs have posted interviews. And at least as far as acgme I've only got a couple offers. Is it likely that this is a byproduct of being a do?

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Any fellow DO students starting the application trail?

Just curious how many other DO students out there are trolling this website and beginning the application process?

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Anonymous User wrote:
Just curious how many other DO students out there are trolling this website and beginning the application process?
Woops, I just discovered the definition of trolling...not what I meant in the previous post. I was just curious if there are any other DO students out there browsing this site looking for advice and applying this year?

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DO res in DO program

Have to do an away rotation at a program and wow them, enough to get a letter from someone well known.  you have to be better than your allopathic counterparts.  a letter from an allopathic program director can go a long way if you end up looking at osteopathic GU programs.