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Taylor Swift Overdose

Man she is everywhere! I know I am one of those archaic people who still listens to the radio but I might as well have bought her CD and listened to it on replay. Her songs are on ever pop, country, and soft rock station across the US. You literally can not escape her on the radio dial.  
As far has being on the trail I am closing in on being half way done with my interviews. Seems weird but my schedule is a little font loaded along with my five interviews in seven days last week. I am guessing this is the case for a lot of people. Of course I wish I could have spaced them out more but you have to take what they give. So for those in the future, plan on having at least one period, likely in November, when you have a cluster of interviews.   I am also starting to see why some residents and programs say that come December people start rapidly canceling their interviews, especially those who where lucky to have to many to start with. The trail catches up with you. I feel like every other day I am getting sick but I wake up feeling better and continue on my way. I also know that my eating habits have gone down hill and my exercise routine has been shot to hell. I even told myself I wouldn’t let it happen, but it did. I really feel for some of my friends not in medicine who travel like this year around. Of course it helps when you can put everything on the company card.  
 With the few days I have at home and talk with other students in my class I wonder how many years longer is Urology going to be an early match? Seems to me like only a matter of time before it becomes part of the regular match. For us Urology applicants this whole process is short and sweet, some of the non-urology students I know have yet to go on one interview. I imagine if Urology went to the regular match that some of the scheduling problems we all have would go away, although not all. Not sure if the powers that be of Urology can fight off the pressure to join the pack that much longer. Of course come Jan 26th when we are done and everyone else is still interviewing and anxious I will be glad it’s the way it is. Although I am sure the attending’s of all my rotations after I match will not like my new found freedom.

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Agree with the Taylor Swift, disagree with the switching to the regular match.

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i love Taylor!

So I was at the AUA conference in Chicago this past April. There was talk about this either being the last year or next year being the last for early match. Just talk, but it was being discussed by the higher powers this year.

Also, the program deadlines are sooner with urology so it does make you be on top of your game to get things in early. Some programs had Sept. 15th as a deadline. Sucks for those that procrastinate or decide last minute.

Just my 2 cents. You don't have to spend it.

Oh yeah, no way about the

Oh yeah, no way about the early match stuff. I think it in itself keeps our ranks of the most dedicated sort. 75% of the applicants found out in the normal time frame, very begining of third year. And they are committed fully because they believe in Uro. 15% of applicants found out late and are scrambling to get a good app together. 5% found out super super early and have been building and looming over this app process. And the final 5% are just slackers, non-commiters, or overly-smart-great-scores-dermatology-bound-not-passionate-about-uro type

If we move the date, this last group will grow = Bad.

clarification about app timeline

I don't really understand how this could be...the uro match application period is the same as the regular match - it all starts Sept 1, right? So how would switching to a regular match (which just lengthens the interview/rank list period and pushes back the actual match date) benefit slackers/"the less dedicated"?

that said, I also disagree about switching to the regular match and agree w/ the point about taylor swift.

Because you have to have your ish together faster

Yes, the application still opens on the same date, but with early match, there is a lot more pressure to have your application ready to send on September 1st, and programs actually start reviewing applications within that first week. With the regular match (at least with a lot of my friends), there isn't as much pressure to have your application ready on September 1st, and many of my colleagues didn't submit theirs until late September.

When I decided to do urology, I actually took that into consideration. I had to make sure that I was willing to be on top of my game, because I know that I'm a chronic procrastinator and tend to wait til the last minute. If you do that with urology, that could be the difference between matching and not matching. I feel that there is a lot more leniency with deadlines in the regular match, which probably attracts more "slackers," if there is such a thing in medical school.