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Boston University Program - Robert Oates, MD, Residency Program Director

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Boston University Program
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Robert Oates, MD, Residency Program Director
If you were an applicant, why would you choose to train in your residency program?: 
The breath, scope and volume of surgical cases along with a collegial and supportive environment.
What is your program looking for in a graduating medical student?: 
Evidence of scholarship, a team player, and compassion.
What part of an application do you consider most important in ranking applicants?: 
The entire application of each applicant is reviewed, no one part is more important than another.
What advice do you have for medical students hoping to match in Urology?: 
Be yourself on the interviews.


A program that has a niche in the whole sexually/infertility medicine thing. Small program in a city with alot of programs but a cool city to live in none the less. The residents get treated real well and love the location of the program and the city. They also get payed well which never hurts. The faculty is good. I feel they lack in some areas of their experience (Onc) with the other programs in town but also offer things other places don't (Sexual med). Seems like most go on to private but some do fellows (especially if you want to do Onc)

Fellow - Andrology

can anyone comment on their interview impressions or away rotation experience here?