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sleeper programs

I thought it might be good for next year's applicants to list a few "sleeper programs". Now, I know my list won't be sleepers for a lot of people "in the know", but these are top-notch academic programs that are not necessarily on the U.S. News and World Reports top 10...yet.  In no particular order:Long Island Jewish: Dr. Kavoussi is creating a powerhouse here. He and the rest of the faculty seem really dedicated to their residents, great operative volume, and support for research is strong. 5 years.Pittsburgh: Dr. Nelson has a super strong program here. Support for basic research is top 5, great operative volume, and residents are publishing a lot. 6 yearsBaylor: Though rumors of instability have been flying around since Dr. Scardino left, the program under Dr. Coburn remains strong.Good operative variety, support for international volunteering, basic research opportunites. May be changing to the "Debakey College of Medicine at Rice University". 6 years.Brigham and Women's: Residents seems very happy, access to Dana Farber Cancer center and Boston Children's.  5 year program with limited research only time, but residents are still publishing. Access to lots of basic research through Harvard, though unsure how many residents pursue this. Lots of faculty through 5 hospitals.I'm sure there are more.  Bottom line, is that there are many great programs out there.  There are a handful of super-powerhouse programs, but there are many just a few steps behind them. Operative experience is rarely bad, but what differentiates the cream of the crop from the lower first tier is support for research, and reputation, me thinks.

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After interviewing, agree that Pitt, UChicago and Baylor were all fantastic programs on the rise. All were ranked high on my list.

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I agree

I agree. The ACGME does a darn good job of making sure that every program out there has excellent training. Not having enough volume is rarely a problem, and when it is, they take steps to correct the problem, because they know that the ACGME will not hesitate to yank the program. Everything is reputation. And when it comes down to it, unless you're looking for a big-name fellowship and want to be chair at somewhere big-name, you're going to find a great job no matter where you go. Just find a place where you'll be happy for 5-6 years.


I interviewed at Baylor earlier this year and wasn't all that impressed with the program. Maybe it was the extra year, maybe it was uncertainty of the whole Methodist-Baylor split, or maybe it was the fact that the residents seemed to be pretty difficult to talk to / socialize with compared to other programs I interviewed at. That being said, I'm sure Baylor more than adequately trains their residents; I just walked away with a feeling that there was a lot of work to be done.


I have to disagree with the above poster. After leaving BCM, I felt that the residents were easy to get to know, they were open about their experience in the program, and seemed to enjoy it. They were uncertain about the future of the BCM/Methodist relationship but a recent e-mail from Dr. Coburn stated that an agreement between the two instutions calling for a joint residency program was being signed. The program itself has the full breadth of urology represented from onc, peds, infertility, minimal invasive/endo, etc. It is a strong program and will continue to be considered as such.

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University of Chicago

This is a sleeper that's well on its way to the big leagues. Chairman is very progressive, residents are happy and operative experience is ridiculous. It's on the smaller size for an academic department but they publish a good amount and it is (arguably) the best program in Illinois (yes...possibly even better than NW... good program too, but its not all about the pretty marble floors). Caseload is definitely heavy in Oncology but the peds, female and stone experience are nothing to laugh at.

I think Wake Forest is also a great sleeper program....good research, small faculty but still very well regarded names, nice town/city, residents are happy.