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UT Southwestern

Overall, I think is one of the best programs in Texas vying for the title with Baylor. Surgical experience seems outstanding, if a bit top-heavy. I wanted to know from some who are residents or rotated there something about the relationship with faculty and generally how "malignant" the program was. UTSW has a rep. Perhaps a bit on the hours at the various hospitals. 6-7?5-9? 5-12?Thanks

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not malignant

I don't know where the malignant rep comes from, it is NOT a malignant program. The residents are on a first name basis with many of the faculty (including the chairman), and the residents get along with each other and are very friendly. Having done rotations there, I wouldn't say that they work more than the average urology resident. They get in by 6, and are usually done by 5 or 6. I actually saw one of the reports regarding work hours, and I honestly don't remember seeing any resident working over 60-65 hours. However, I cannot say the same thing about their general surgery program, which I would call malignant. However, that really shouldn't factor into your decision, especially since the urology program is (what I believe) one of the best in the country (not just in Texas).

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Completely agreed. I rotated

Completely agreed. I rotated there and felt exactly as how
the above poster did.

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I think a lot of the rep

I think a lot of the rep comes from spillover from the gensurg program, which is infamously malignant.

Just don't bother if you are a DO

As far as UTSW is concerned it's got some amazingly talented doctors, but if you aren't a US MD student you probably won't get a rotation, interview, or position. Texas in general is not very friendly to DO students in urology. Just giving a heads up to future applicant years.

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Any others?

Curious if you know of any other places or programs that are relatively transparent about their preference for M.D.'s over D.O.'s? Thanks.

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One comment that needs to be made...

For those of you applying, a lot of schools will automatically interview you or have that month your rotating through your interview. UTSW is not that way. Just because you do a rotation there doesn't mean they will interview you. I know several disappointed people who were doing an away rotation at UTSW the month they got their rejection from UTSW. Shitty, but it's just a competitive place.

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Does this program allow

Does this program allow moonlighting? 

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moonlighting is allowed as long as your inservice scores are adequate.  Dallas also has a plethora of moonlighting opportunities.

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New thoughts?

Any new thoughts on this program? Reputation? Malignant? Anyone who rotated there? I hear mostly good things things but I still have some concerns. Anyone with first-hand knowledge?

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Residents there seem very

Residents there seem very happy.  They appear to get a great operative experience, and are clinically very busy.  Apparently they are one of the most published institutions, with an amazing list of Adult and Pediatric faculty.  They continue to climb the US News rank list.  The residents appear to be on a first name basis with their attendings.  Overall, I found it to be very impressive! Not sure where the malignant rep comes from...