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missed interview

As odd as this may sound, I think I may have just skipped out on an interview in December. I could have sworn that I canceled, but I cannot find my email to the program coordinator. While it obviously was not a place I was interested in, that is kind of a dick move on my part. That is all.

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probably is going to effect

probably is going to effect your matching, program directors talk (look at the interview info on the urology match site). Good luck for the match next year!

wow what a productive and

wow what a productive and supportive comment. Im sure its fine.

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I find it rude and

I find it rude and inconsiderate of fellow interviewees when an applicant either has a late minute cancellation or fails to cancel their scheduled interview entirely. Not only is that person showing a lack of respect for the given program, but they are also leaving a vacant interview spot for a person whom could be quite interested in the program. The absences are noted by the powers that be, so I would suggest using not only common sense but also courtesy, with interview cancellations at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

I agree

I agree, if I was someone that wanted to interview at wherever you didnt show up to, I'd be more than a little pissed.

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Then again, how good are your

Then again, how good are your chances at that respective institution if you were on the "bubble" and got an interview because someone else turned it down? You're better off with the places that chose to interview you initially. At least then, you're not just a "spot" they were trying to fill.

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Completely disagree

Program directors have to choose 30-45 applicants to interview from a pool of maybe a hundred plus well qualifed applicants. From what I could gather, the selecting is generally pretty arbitrary; maybe you had a hobby that the program director is interested in or you said something in your personal statement that caught someone's eye, etc. The fact of the matter is that once you get to the interview it probably doesn't matter much what's on your application. If you were the first choice for an interview spot and you are total ass that they can't imagine working with you have a much smaller chance of getting a spot than a "filler" applicant that they click with during the interview. So, I would say take what you can get, even if you are a last minute fill-in.

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The person obviously regrets

The person obviously regrets their mistake guys. You're stating the obvious... of course the OP wishes they'd called ahead and now feels bad, or else they wouldn't have posted. So chill out. There are reasons that interviews must get canceled at the last minute... flight cancellations, H1N1, etc.
What happened to the supportive community that we thought we were getting into when we chose urology?

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program directors don't talk as much as you think. they really do have better things to do most of the time. relax, find something else to worry about between now and match day.

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don't worry I did the same

don't worry I did the same thing. I was orginally waitlisted for a date, then when I got off the waitlist, I never changed the status on my master list. It was really bad weather that day, and I know I wasn't the only one that missed that particular interview.