Thinking Outside My Top 5

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Thinking Outside My Top 5

Counting down the day that we have all been waiting for. It almost here. I think like many people out there when I think about matching I really only think about how life will be as a resident at my top choice. I think it's natural for most of us to grab on to the idea of being at our top choice, heck that's why it is our top choice. Of I am trying to remind myself I can end 14 other places too! That's gets a little scary, because when I think about matching at one of the places outside my top 5 I get a little disappointed. Reality is many of us will match outside our top five and life will go on. I think it's important for many of use to think that just because we don't match were we necessarily want too that we still were able to match in a very competitive field amongst very competitive applicants.
With that said I am no trying to come up with how I exactly want to check my match results. I think a few years ago they had it better when you found out after midnight on a Monday instead of this 9am business. I say that because I for one won't be able to sleep very well the night before. I would rather just forget about sleeping and stay up that night keeping myself busy watching movies or something then find out and go to bed. I am sure everybody has there own way they wish they could find out but for me the first thing I don't want to do on a Monday morning is find out where I am going to spend my next 5 or 6 years. Also I really have trouble with the whole email thing. Seems like everything in the urology match goes through email (applications, interview invites, etc..) I am getting tired of nervously typing in my email password to find out major things about my life. I have also been pondering the idea of taking the day off to celebrate and start planning my life, I figure if the students going through the main match can do it then I can take a day to myself for the same reason. I also think that after this all happens I will get a little jealous of the the rest of my peers when they get a day off, a nice lunch and have a small party for when the NMRP match results come out. Plus they get an actual piece of paper that says everything. Call me nostalgic but seems like I would want something in writing that says where I am going. Again I feel like this will soon be the case for urology in the coming years when it joins the main match. Seems like it would be a little more fun to find out when all my classmates do that way I can have tons of people to talk to about it and not just rush to the urologymatch forums to share my news.
Anyway I am curious how if anybody out there wants to share how and when you plan of checking your match results and of course what you plan to do afterwords. Please share.

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