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Urology Scramble

Does anyone know anything about the Urology "scramble". Does it exist the same way as the NRMP scramble (ie does the list of unmatched programs become available a couple days before Match results come out so those who don't match can start making calls?) ...are there really ever vacant spots anyway?
Do those who don't match find out before Match day?

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Balls in the air

It's not like the NRMP match. Everyone finds out at once. There is no "yay, you matched, start your drinking now" email a day or two before.

Every so often a program will go unmatched. I would assume that the way it's dealt with is program dependent. Apparently there's a way to get to the list on the AUA site.

From the AUA website (http://www.auanet.org/content/residency/residency-match.cfm#results):

Results Distribution

When the match is complete, summary reports are prepared for the Match Review Committee prior to general distribution.

The results of the match will be disseminated as follows:

E-mail results and statistics to medical schools.
E-mail results with link to match reports to programs.
E-mail results to applicants.
All results will be available by 9:00 A.M. EST, Monday, January 25, 2010.

To view any unfilled urology vacancies, select Program vacancies and then select click here under the applicants. Unmatched applicants can contact these programs directly to negotiate with the program.

Balls in the air
Although perhaps someone who

Although perhaps someone who is going through this the second time around will weigh in on how they found a spot for the year.

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The scramble is all behind

The scramble is all behind closed doors in urology. If a program wants you they supposedly contact you. however, it is worth calling everyone and anyone you know to try to find out. Call your chair immediately and start calling other chairs/PDs of other programs immediately.

so do I need to be sitting by

so do I need to be sitting by a fax machine tomorrow morning in case I need to send my ERAS info to a program? i dont get how this "negotiating" works

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